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Heritage Oriental Rug Cleaning
Average rating:  
 80 reviews
 by Yelp Review by Charlotte M.
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Mr. Farhad Kakhi did a fantastic job for me! He cleaned and repaired three rugs for me (including a Navaho rug). Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Also, please know that he has a fantastic selection of beautiful rugs for sale at good prices. I plan to buy from him in the future. You will not regret dealing with him. Thank you, Mr. Farhad!

 by Ellen H
A pleasure to do business with
City & State: Frederick, MD

Mr. Kakhi has cleaned some of our rugs previously and they looked like new again. This time he cleaned & replaced the fringe on 1 rug, & just cleaned another. They look like the rugs when we bought them, just beautiful. Mr. Kakhi is always so eager to help & very knowledgeable about oriental rugs. A pleasure to do business with.

 by Robert Mufson
Robust rug restoration
City & State: Bethesda, MD

The company cleaned and restored an oriental rug we had for many years, and did an excellent job. Brought new life into this valued rug, in a timely and efficient fashion. The company is very customer oriented and aims to please.
We also found a beautiful new rug for our living room in their show room, at a very good price. Recommend you visit them for cleaning or a new rug.

 by Google Review by Maggie S.
Knowledgeable, professional and efficient
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Very satisfied with my experience with this establishment. Knowledgeable, professional and efficient.

 by Google Review by Samie T.
Wonderful job
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

I wanted to hang a large silk rug on the wall. Farhad did a wonderful job of sewing a sleeve on the back of the rug without any stitching showing through to the front.

 by Google Review by Gohar A.
Exceeded my expectation
City & State: Arlington, VA

The quality of their work truly exceeded my expectation. Throughout the entire process , the team at (Heritage Oriental Rugs & Antiques) demonstrated exceptional customer service. They were friendly and knowledgeable, and always available to address any questions or concerns I had. The pricing for the repair service was fair. I feel that I received excellent value for my money and would gladly invest in their services again in the future.

 by Google Review by Ron H.
Extremely pleased
City & State: Bethesda, MD

This is the third rug cleaned and repaired by Heritage Oriental Rugs. All of our rugs were procured in 1989. This was the first time we sought professional help to clean and repair any of them. The first two were of silk and wool and were cleaned in 2023. The silk had several spots where long ago my young child attempted to clean up after an accident by our pet. It was truly amazing how they managed to ungnarl the silk. Our latest rug, done this year, 2024, was a hand woven wool with severe edge wear and filthy fringe. The edge repair looked perfect and the color matched as though it was new. The fringe was immaculate. We continue to be extremely pleased with the quality and turnaround time we have experienced. The representative, Farhad Kakhi, has been most helpful and responsive in every interaction over the past two years.

 by Google Review by Anne L.
High quality and professional service
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

I have used Heritage Oriental Rugs for 6 years. Both for cleaning and repairing. And, without exception, every time the service has been outstanding. Cleaning done to perfection (including the removal of stains I thought would never come out) and repairs done with incredible care and expertise. The pickup and delivery service offered by Heritage Oriental Rugs is just one extra bonus on top of the high quality and professional service Mr. Khaki and his great staff consistently provide. Moreover, just interacting with Mr. Khaki is a great pleasure. Both his knowledge about, and love of, antique rugs is exceptional. If his customer is interested in learning more about rugs, he’s a brilliant and patient teacher. I give Heritage Oriental Rugs the highest recommendation possible.

 by Yelp Review by Lisa N.
Service was excellent
City & State: Olney, MD

We used the services of Heritage Oriental Rugs to clean our oriental rugs prior to moving. The service was excellent. They came and picked up the rugs, gave us advice on what needs to be repaired (minimal) and delivered the rugs tied, wrapped, and ready to be moved. It was wonderful dealing with the owner who is knowledgeable and has an appreciation for oriental rugs.

 by Randall Scott
Highly Recommended
City & State: Gaithersburg MD

Mr. Khaki and his team are excellent. I had a sag wool area rug cleaned by them. It was not stained or very dirty but had not been professionally cleaned before. When they delivered it after cleaning, it looked better than when I purchased it! It was remarkable and not expected. Very high-quality cleaning service (and I am a very picky person). On top of that, they moved my furniture to place the rug. Got my sectional sofa just right. Trimmed the new padding to the exact size. Overall, they did an excellent job. The price was fair, they were on schedule, and the service was above and beyond. My rug looks and smells better than new. Highly recommend Heritage Oriental Rug.

 by George
Excellent Work
City & State: Gaithersburg

We have used Heritage services twice. The first time to clean our rugs and replace the fringes, the second time to repair one of our rugs. In both cases the service was very professional. We were very satisfied with the service. In addition, the service was friendly and the whole experience was very satisfactory.

 by JANE S
Beautiful every time
City & State: THURMONT

Mr. Khaki is an expert on oriental rugs. He unfailingly does an outstanding job cleaning, deodorizing, and repairing my rugs. He also takes the time to explain what the rug needs and why. When he finishes a repair, you can't tell the rug was repaired! His prices are very reasonable, and I especially appreciate his free pickup and delivery. Beyond all that, Mr. Khaki is just a pleasure to deal with - gentlemanly, helpful, friendly. I highly recommend Heritage Oriental.

 by Mary
My rug kooks great
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

My dirty rug looks like new! Mr. Kachin did a great job cleaning my rug! I recommend this company if you need a rug cleaned.

 by Teresa E.
Outstanding Service
City & State: Ashton MD

Outstanding Service. The owner Mr. Kakhi is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He explained the process to clean and protect my aged and stained oriental. He also showed me a comparable rug so I could understand the craftsmanship and value of my rug. The rug came out beautiful and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend this very customer oriented shop to others.

 by Google Review by Richard T.
Excellent cleaning service
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Highly recommended. Excellent cleaning service at a good price. They came to pick up our rug and we picked it up10 days later. They would have delivered the rug back to us, but I'm glad we stopped by pick it up. The owner is very personable and we had a splendid chat. He showed us a rug he was repairing - it was clear he is very knowledgeable and does his work with skill and care. His shop has a nice vibe and he has many very lovely Persian rugs on display. I'm not sure if he even sells rugs, but if we're ever in need of another we'll be sure to stop by and find out.

 by Google Review by Peter K.
Extremely satisfied
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

This is the second time we have used Heritage for both carpet cleaning and carpet repair work. We have been extremely satisfied with the results, and the expertise on oriental rugs that comes with it, as Farhud Kakhi, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable about different kinds of oriental rugs. We highly recommend Heritage.

 by Google Review by Rachel L.
Top notch repairs
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Top notch repairs.

 by Google Review by Jon M.
My rugs look beautiful
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Cleaned my rugs, which now look beautiful.

 by Pat
My rugs look like new
City & State: Olney, MD

I’m thrilled with their service. My rugs look like new! He’s very knowledgeable.

 by Google Review by Jack W.
I highly recommend their services
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

I used the Heritage Oriental Rugs Cleaning company to clean three of my oriental rugs, one of which they repaired. I picked up my rugs yesterday. They looked great! I was especially happy with my large rug that they repaired! Mr. Kakhi was very professional and pleasant to work with. He was excellent at explaining their cleaning process and also how they would make the repairs to my rug. If you want your oriental rugs cleaned or repaired, and well taken care of, I highly recommend their services!

 by Yelp Review by Grant C.
I'm incredibly satisfied
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

They literally performed a miracle. My rug was destroyed from years of stains and then an extremely large accident that was inappropriately treated. I assumed it would never be fixed. Upon delivery, I was holding my breath assuming the chemical burns would be still present. It was restored and I'm incredibly satisfied.

 by Betty B
Professional and Excellent Service
City & State: Washington D.C

We have known Farhad for years. He cleans and repairs the rugs in two of our B&B's almost every year. They pick up the rugs and deliver them on time. Very knowledgable, amazing customer service and does an excellent job. We strongly recommend him!

 by Google Review by David J.
Phenomenal results
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Phenomenal results! Our pet-damaged and stained rugs which we have used for over 30 years look new. The repair workmanship is outstanding and fairly priced. Mr. Kakhi's knowledge and professionalism are without peer. He is reliable, honest and delivers more than he promises.

 by Miquel
Highly recommend
City & State: Silver Spring

First time cleaning an old hand knotted area rug, excellent service. Mr. Kakhi looks very professional and experienced with rugs. Will repeat and recommend!

 by KC Rogers
Excellent and thorough service!
City & State: Darnestown MD

My rug took a huge hit from raising three kids and a household of pets. The cleaning was fantastic, and Mr. Kakhi made it so easy in pick up and drop off. What a wonderful experience all around, and my rug looks brand new after 20 years of heavy use. Highly recommend for cleaning.

 by Google Review by Jmichaelortiz
I highly recommend them
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Mr. Kakhi is a total professional. I've had them clean the same hand-woven oriental rug twice in five years and they did a fantastic job each time. Recently, they replaced the fringes expertly, making the rug look brand-new. I highly recommend them for your carpeting needs, especially if you have cherished oriental carpets.

 by Google Review by Mahdieh B.
Would definitely recommend
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

The owner is quite professional and honest. I’m glad I found this place. They did an amazing job on my Persian rug which had gotten wet and bled. Would definitely recommend.

 by Yelp Review by Emmie B.
Quite knowledgeable and honest
City & State: Rockville, MD

The owner is quite knowledgeable and honest. Price for cleaning was very reasonable and they did a great job. Really appreciate their hard work. Definitely recommend.

 by Google Review by Jana C.
Professional, polite and courteous
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

They do a professional job with your oriental rugs. I’ve taken rugs there many times and always been satisfied. Professional, polite and courteous. Nice to deal with.

 by Kayla Niles
Great work
City & State: Bethesda MD

We have several orientals which have been beautifully cleaned by Heritage over the years. But the challenge was the meeting of our 1 year old puppy with the hand knotted Arriolos carpet from Portugal which presented so many accessible loops, seams and fringes for chewing. The repairs are absolutely invisible and the rug is pristine again. It was taken and delivered on time. Great company to work with!

 by Ron
We are extremely pleased with the result
City & State: Rockville, MD

Have never cleaned our silk rug since purchased in 1989. Stains and irregularities from cleaning after pet accidents we thought would never come out. Finally tried getting that rug cleaned by Heritage Oriental Rugs. We are extremely pleased with the result. This was the second rug we entrusted to them. The first was of wool last fall. We were so impressed we went on to the silk.

 by Jane
Best cleaning and rug repair
City & State: THURMONT

Mr. Khaki cleaned and repaired an old woolen multicolor,e threadbare Turkish (?) rug. Pet odors completely gone; colors perfectly matched and so much brighter; and the reweaving of the bare patches was absolutely undetectable. He is really a master at this, very personable, and I highly recommend him.

 by Yelp Review by Connie B.
They did a great job
City & State: Alexandria, VA

I inherited an antique silk rug from my parents, which after about 15 years was in desperate need of a serious clean. There were some serious stains and ground in dirt, so I found these Heritage online and I wasn't disappointed. The price is about what I expected - $240 for a silk 9x5 (aprox) rug - just make sure you are specific about the type of rug you are giving them so they can give you a price point on the phone. Farhad picked up and dropped off my run within about three - four weeks (would've been sooner but I was out of town. They did a great job with the clean and getting out some of the stains, PLUS! they trimmed the edges so that all of the trim is even which is a great touch and makes the rug look like new!

 by Holly Farnella
Good Work
City & State: Glenwood, MD

We had a wool rug that was very dirty. Heritage made it look as close to new as anyone possibly could. Free pick up and drop off was very convenient!

 by Google Review by Peg A.
So knowledgeable and price was very reasonable
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Our rugs came back beautifully cleaned and deodorized. The price was very reasonable. Mr. Kakhi is so knowledgeable about rugs and their care, that I learn something each time I speak with him!

 by Ellen W Hamilton
Best Job Ever
City & State: Frederick, MD

Our rugs were delivered to our home & Farhad even offered to place them. Very kind! We have had these rugs "cleaned before", but they never looked this bright before. Thank you for a superior job!

 by Google Review by Katherine B.
Highly recommend this business to our community
City & State: Rockville, MD

I am so grateful for this local family and business. My mother passed away this year, and Heritage treated her rugs with such respect and care. The gentleman (I’m sorry I don’t know his name!) helped with picking it up and delivering it once it was beautifully clean after forty years in my mother’s home. He was incredibly kind and considerate. They also sold me a new pad to go underneath which should last decades. I highly recommend this business to our community.

 by Yelp Review by Brian E.
The experience couldn't have been any better
City & State: Germantown, MD

It was my first time getting my rugs cleaned and the experience couldn't have been any better with Heritage. From the free pick up and delivery to the professionalism of the employees and cleaning of my rug was a great experience. I will definitely be a repeat customer for my future rug needs.

 by Google Review by Nee
Highly recommend
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Farhad had wonderful customer service. He showed me where and how my two carpets would be cleaned. Gave me a small tour of the facility in the interest of complete transparency. My carpets came back right away and the price was awesome compared to others. He measured the carpets in front of me and gave me the quote on the spot. I highly recommend them. 💯

 by Philip Bosen
Cleaned My Rugs Well
City & State: Derwood, MD

They picked up 3 rugs from my home, did a fine job cleaning them at a reasonable price, and delivered them back in the time promised. I could not be happier.

 by Google Review by James L.
Excellent business to work with
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

We had two large persian rugs from my late grandparents professionally cleaned by Heritage. The rugs came out absolutely amazing. There were glaring issues with their cleanliness and the condition of their fringes and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. We have other small rugs and will likely bring them to Heritage too given how pleased we are with the large ones. Excellent business to work with.

 by Ronald
City & State: MD

Heritage maintains a fine inventory of rugs for sale, but I was seeking rug repair. I have an antique (200 year old) Caucasian rug, that needed attention. Mr Farhad showed me his repair room and proudly displayed his great library of wool rug yarns colored with natural dyes that he makes himself from the same ingredients used in the rugs. My rug was fixed quickly and beautifully and at a reasonable price. I recommend Heritage Oriental Rugs.

 by Google Review by Vincent A.
Very knowledgeable and most helpful
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Very knowledgeable and most helpful. Very nice job cleaning my rugs and price was reasonable.

 by Trevor Richardson
City & State: Darnestown, MD

I brought them my 100 year old rug that needed to be cleaned since my basement got flooded and the rug got soaked and smelled of mold.

I didn't know much about the rug myself other than it was very old but the guys there immediately knew what the rug was and took care of it!

Rug was much cleaner and smelled much nicer when I went to pick it up!

 by Nadereh Niktash
Wonderful job!
City & State: N. Potomac, MD

I’ve been looking for a company to deep clean my Persian rugs, and I’m so glad I found Heritage Oriental Rugs. They did an excellent job thoroughly cleaning the rugs, lifted stains, and made them look new again. I couldn’t be happier with there service. Highly recommend!

 by Michelle
Great job!
City & State: Rockville Md

I was looking for a company that we could trust and would be reasonably priced to clean our very special, old original oriental rug. Heritage came up when i googled for some place close by. I emailed and got a response right away. They had someone pick up the rug in just a matter of a few days. We did tell them that we didnt need it back anytime soon. However almost 2 months went by and no contact. I emailed them (when i realized) and they actually delivered the rug that day. I feel they are friendly and reasonably priced and the rug looks GREAT however communication is something they need to work on.

 by Google Review by Susan M.
Exceeded our expectation
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

We had several handmade rugs repaired and cleaned by this company. The work was done with excellent quality and exceeded our expectation. The owner of the business is very knowledgeable in his work and professional. Highly recommend Heritage Oriental Rug Company.

 by Jamie Leigh
City & State: Frederick MD

I used them in 2020 and they are excellent! Great, custom service, the owner is super nice and helpful, very enjoyable experience...they go out of their way to help you -- you don't find this type of customer service in larger stores. I have had rugs cleaned by them, excellent job and also purchased rugs from them, gorgeous, authentic rugs for fair prices...HIGHLY recommend...keep in mind, this is a SMALL business, so the owner is super busy, but he really will bend over backwards for you....just have patience and BE KIND 🙂

 by Joaquin and Maria
Satisfied Customer
City & State: Clarksburg, MD

Farhad is a very nice person and professional. Customer satisfaction is his top priority.

 by Michael and Maria
Highest Rating
City & State: Bethesda, MD

It's no wonder customers reviewing Heritage give the company the highest rating. Farhad Kakhi is the consummate professional, clearly explaining the work needed to repair damaged rugs then performing it promptly and at a reasonable price.

 by Adriana Corn
City & State: Olney, MD

They repaired and cleaned our small Bokhara rug and did a fabulous job. Highly recommend. Price was reasonable too.

 by Google Review by Brendan S.
Highly recommend
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

I recently had 2 rugs cleaned. Not only was the price very good, but the service and end result was amazing. I received kind, friendly, and knowledgeable service. I learned a great deal about the background of the rugs I own. I would highly recommend Heritage for any rug cleaning you need.

 by Google Review by Maddy A.
Could not be happier
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

We received Farhad's number as a recommendation from a friend, and just had six of our rugs cleaned and repaired by him. We could not be happier. Our rugs were in rough shape, but he managed to make them look incredible, and for a fraction of the cost of everywhere else (and he picked up and dropped them off too). Definitely will be using his services again in the future, and recommending him to everyone we know!

 by Ciro Taddeo
Heritage Oriental Rug
City & State: Arlington, Virginia

They repaired and clean my room size Heriz Rugs and replaced the pads. Did the rest of the rugs in my apartment. Expert repair work and cleaning. Very professional, reliable, fair prices. Recommend highly.

 by Linda Waters
City & State: Montgomery Village, MD

I was very pleased with the personal service of this company. They always answered the phone right away, picked up and delivered my rugs, and did a beautiful job restoring and cleaning them. I would highly recommend them.

 by Margaret Hurkett
City & State: Damascus

I have a good quality large (9x12) light beige rug, not an oriental carpet that was cut from a carpet roll and bound so that it could be used as an area rug rather than wall to wall carpet. It is about 10 years old. Over the years I had it steam cleaned several times by vendors that would come into my home. The carpet had reached the point where I thought I would need to replace it. As a last ditch effort I had Heritage Oriental clean it. They did an AWESOME job and it looks GREAT. The price was reasonable and they also gave me nice discount for taking the carpet to the shop and picking it up on my own. Cleaning my carpet at Heritage has definitely increased the lifespan of my area rug.

 by Sophie
excellent cleaning and repair service
City & State: Sterling,Virginia

WE had multiple service requests from stain to fringe damage to cleaning, all was done in a very professional outstanding way.
We will recommend them and use them again in the future.

 by JP and MP
GREAT service/repairs
City & State: Silver Spring

We called to inquire about having 2 Persian rugs and 2 other rugs cleaned. Farhad requested the size and type of rugs, scheduled appt. and picked picked them up on date he provided. He inspected them, showed us a couple additional repairs needed and gave the cost. He called when they were ready and delivered the day I requested. All 4 were cleaned and the repairs on back and fringe for 2 done to our satisfaction. Farhad put down the padding and 2 Persian rugs himself. Haven’t decided where we will place the others. Now look very condition. He explained what he would do, was professional, efficient and can tell he cares. We mentioned a runner and he returned with several and did purchase one. Highly recommended!!!

 by Reza Sadaie
City & State: Germantown

Fortunately, I found Heritage Oriental Rugs cleaning services and had them clean a couple of rugs. My rugs were restored to their original brand-new condition. I am impressed with their approachable and welcoming owner, Mr. Farhad. I’m very happy with the results and would highly recommend Heritage.

 by Connie R
Favorite Carpet Brought Back to Life!
City & State: Laytonsville

The Team at Heritage was able to clean my favorite (25 year old) area rug and really brought it back to life!! I am very happy with their service, price and timeliness.

 by Google Review by Hamid H.
best in town
City & State: Bethesda, MD

I came to know about Heritage Oriental Rug Cleaning through a friend who himself used to be in rug business. These guys are the best in town. There price are good and the service is excellent. Highly recommend them to anyone that need carpet cleaning. Thank you for your outstanding service.

 by Yelp Review by Jacki G.
best rug repair and cleaning company out there!
City & State: New Market, MD

I absolutely recommend Heritage to anyone considering repairing and or cleaning their rugs. They were prompt in picking up and delivering my rugs to me and they were extremely professional and my rugs never looked or smelled better! Hands down, the best rug repair and cleaning company out there!

 by Delores Thompson
Great work cleaning and restoration
City & State: Frederick

I appreciate the great work on restoring fringes to my Karastan rug.
The colors after cleaning the rug are beautiful. The new rug pads I had purchased were slightly larger than they should be, so Heritage took the time to trim the pads for me when they delivered the rugs.Excellent work and on time. Top of the line work.

 by Google Review by Mazda M.
fantastic job
City & State: Bethesda, MD

Farhad and his team were very professional and handled all 9 of our rags with great care. He took them all in his van and returned them within 1-2 weeks. He even helped bring them back in my house. They were visibly clean and any bad scents were removed. He was very transparent with us the whole time in regards to services rendered, fees, and delivery time. He was easy to reach and very accommodating. He genuinely cares for the rugs and did a fantastic job. His company is highly recommended.

 by Google Review by Nancy W.
Service was wonderful
City & State: Rockville, MD

We called to have our rugs cleaned and Farhad picked them up the same day. He inspected them and showed us the repairs needed. Then they were delivered back to us when promised in beautiful condition. The edges of one rug were rebound and the fringe on another was resown. They had not been cleaned in years and Farhad had to wash them twice. But I could not have asked for a better job and the service was wonderful. And they are very nice people, too.

 by Erin Stamets
Awesome Cleaning Company!
City & State: Rockville

We had 5 rugs cleaned and two repaired by Farhad. He did an outstanding job in timely and professional manner. His estimates were reasonable, and the rugs now look like new. We highly recommend this company and will definitely call him again.

 by Google Review by Douglas L.
Rugs Restored to Original Brilliance
City & State: Germantown, MD

We knew we were in the right place when Farhad took one look at the rugs we had purchased in Iran nearly 45 years ago and immediately and correctly identified the specific regions where we had bought them. Faded dirty rugs were restored to their original brilliance and were smooth to the touch again. Well done.

 by MW
City & State: Bethesda

We have been using Heritage Oriental Rug for years for all our rug cleaning and repair needs. Farhad Kakhi, the owner, is knowledgeable, professional, honourable and reasonable. We can't imagine using anyone else!

 by Google Review by Amina Vohra
Highly recommend!
City & State: Rockville, MD

Farhad from Heritage Oriental Rug cleaning picked up and returned my 2 oriental carpets. I called about 5 places in the area and he gave the best price by far. My rugs initially had brown stains on them from basement flooding and a horrible smell and they felt rough due to being dirty. They came back stain free and smell free and softer than ever before. Farhad was so friendly when he came to pick up and drop off the rugs, he is just a genuine, kind, and honest person. He and his helper carried the heavy rugs all the way down basement. Letting u all know in advance you need to pre pay when he picks up the rugs but you can trust this company! Highly recommend!

 by Valentina Sopko
City & State: Boyds

We had 3 oriental rugs absolutely soaked during the horrible rain storm of July 8th. Heritage was kind enough to come out the same day and pick up the drenched rugs. They completely saved our rugs. They were returned in fantastic shape. I will definitely use them again.

 by Google Review by Lori
Rug Cleaning & Restoration
City & State: Maryland

This is a wonderful company that has cleaned and repaired several of my rugs. I trust them to do the best job at fair prices, and Farhad, the owner, is wonderful to work with. I've also purchased a rug from them — Farhad has a great eye for quality. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a rug or rug cleaning or restoration.

 by Yelp Review by Judi B.
Incredibly helpful
City & State: Montgomery Village, MD

Maryam and Farhad were incredibly helpful. I came to them with a very specific request. They found the perfect rug in the color I needed, the size I needed and within my price point. I would use them again and send my friends to them also.

 by Yelp Review by L.C.
Definitely call them
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Very impressed with the work they do, at very affordable prices. They brought two beat up antique oriental rugs to life for me. They look like new rugs. Definitely call them. They pick up and deliver when done. Very hard-working and professional.

 by Google Review by Dan
Excellent Service
City & State: Gaithersburg, MD

Excellent service and Honest with recommendations will be coming back

 by Google Review by Jonathan
Great business!
City & State: Maryland

Great business!

 by Google Review by Bonnie
Turkish Rug Repair
City & State: Maryland

We are very happy with the service provided by Heritage Oriental Rugs. Mr Kakhi repaired a small Turkish rug for us and the work is excellent. The ends were all frayed and unraveling, now it looks like new! We have had our kitchen carpets cleaned twice by him and he is always prompt, friendly & professional. We will continue to use his service.

 by Google Review by Andrew
Great customer service
City & State: Maryland

Absolutely wonderful. Great customer service

 by Google Review by Jessica
Highly Recommend
City & State: Maryland

We had a great experience with this company. Honest family-run business with fair prices. Great customer service and the owner did an incredible job restoring our rug. It looks like new! I highly recommend this company!

 by Google Review by Al
Cleaning & Restoring Persian Carpet
City & State: Maryland

They did a fantastic job on cleaning and restoring my Persian carpet as well as I entrusted them for doing the job right. And they did. I am very grateful, the service was super. I would highly recommend them to a friend! GO THERE!

 by Google Review by Rex
Very Honest
City & State: Maryland

Very Honest and professional, we recommend this company with absolute confidence to those need any type of rug services.